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US History Progressive Era Bundle | Cowboys, Native Americans, America West

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Make your Progressive Era Unit the favorite of the year with this engaging, ready-to-go bundle of activities, videos, powerpoints, writing assignments, and much more!

What's Included

- Progressive PPT (1 18+ slide PPT)
- 6 Videos that are about General Custer, Battle of Little Big Horn 2 versions, Sand Creek Massacre, and Wounded Knee.
- Bonus: Common Core lessons
- Paragraph prompts US History
American West 18 SLIDE PPT 
I have spent a lot of time putting this together. This presentation is in both PPT/Keynote. It deals with the people of the west, exploration, the push /pull theory of how to get people to move west, and Indian Wars. This PPT takes 2 45 minute days to complete.
Videos for PPT 
These are engaging videos that go with the PPT. I have included the following videos:
- Sand Creek Massacre
- Battle of Little Big Horn
- Wounded Knee
- BONUS Including a great common core lesson that is free online as I am not selling this just including it as a freebee regarding the Battle of Little Bighorn.

The Progressive Era Unit
Use this prior to showing Men Who Built America assignment. This is quite a large presentation at 56 slides in length.
Here is what is included in this BUNDLE:
- Progressive PPT (55 slide PPT)
- 2 Videos
- 2 Different Readings
- Men Who Built America Assignment ( is free to watch on Amazon Prime)
- 2 Episodes of The Story of US
- Crash Course Episodes ( 3 episodes)
- Test and Quizzes
- Student Notes
It is not perfect but gives the students the general ideas behind the 2nd Industrial Revolution and the call to make some changes the 2nd go around. Included is a graphic organizer to have the students take notes on with a key so that you will not be lost.

They are engaging and draw the students into the material. Included are the following videos:
- Thomas Edison
- The Populist Party
- Big Business with Rockefeller
- Inventions of the Gilded Age
- Remembering the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire
- Progressive Era
- General Introduction to the Unit
Also included is the RR Strike reading and the Homestead Strike reading. It is a great comparison /contrast reading that can be done as a HW assignment or in class.
The video series does a great job of explaining the second Industrial Revolution. The series gives a great focus to the CHARACTER qualities of these men and how they made their fortunes.
It did not happen overnight but a unique set of circumstances presented themselves and these men took advantage of that. Enjoy the assignment as it is meant to be done inside and outside of class.
Including are Crash Course US History video guides for Ep. 25, 26, and 27.
Here is what is included in this 4-page download:
1. Note Taking Guide for Students: This is essentially a blank section to take notes in.
2. Summary of the Video: A place for the students to write a short summary of what they have watched.
3. Teacher Notes from the: 1 page of notes.
4. Quiz for students / with answers: There is a 10 question quiz with answers from the episode. It can be taken in class or taken home.
In which John Green teaches you a bit about the 4th of July. In this special short Crash Course, John celebrates American Independence Day by teaching you how the holiday came to be on the 4th of July, and the many ways that Americans celebrate the day. This is a little different than the normal Crash Course episode, so be prepared.
- BONUS I am including a close reading sheet to use with the above readings. The Crash Course video on the Progressives puts it all together and is a nice conclusion to the teaching.
Pixton Comic Lesson
Allows students to take something very difficult and simplify it into something like a comic strip.
Gift Assignment
This is probably the best assignment I have done with my students as it is a pictorial representation of the chapter being studied. It is a fantastic way for students to process and show what they are learning visually. Attached are a sample and directions for the gift as well as a list of vocab words that are expected to be included. This makes it more clear for the students as I go through the book picking 4-5 words per section which creates a focus for the students as they go through the assignment. If you need more samples please email me.
Test and Quizzes
Bonus Flipped Version
In addition to my flipped classroom guide I will be including the following resources in this bonus. Gilder Lerman lessons, picture analysis, Stanford Lessons, DBQ for the progressives, Crash Course Guide, and Rubrics.
Paragraph Prompts
These some good ideas to have your students write about during the course of the year. They are apart of my free download that is in my store.
Student Notes
This is a set of 3 different notes that are for better student understanding of the topics covered in class.