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World History Armenian Genocide Bundle | 1914 - 1918

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Jump into one of the most unknown events in World History, the Armenian Genocide, with this amazing bundle of resources. Covering World War I from 1914 to 1918, this bundle explores the hidden agenda and cover-up by the Ottoman government and details the events throughout the war. It include a PPT, note taking guides, a position document, an essay, and instructional videos. 

What's Included

- Armenian Genocide PPT
- Position Document
- Essay

- Google Assignment

Included is a short 10 slide PPT that has a 60-minute video embedded into it. Included is also a sheet that will be filled in with the PPT while you are going through the information.

Position document that goes with the primary source documents. Included are 14 primary source documents for the students to really make a decision on whether this even was true or not.

Once the research has been done a 3 paragraph essay is a wonderful way to wrap this up.
Paragraph #1: One paragraph focusing on the Armenian's
Paragraph #2: One paragraph focusing on the Turks
Paragraph #3: One paragraph would be the opinion of the writer.

With a conclusion and an intro, the total amount of writing would be 5 paragraphs.

Included is a Google presentation assignment with primary source documents. It is a lesson where the kids get to create slides that show who is responsible for the genocide. They have to use the primary source links to create a position with evidence.