Here are the classes I have taught or are currently
teaching: World History 24 years, US History 18 years, Economics 15
years, Virtual Enterprise 15 years, Pass Class 2 years ( study skills
class), Cultural Geography 4 years, World History workshop 5 years,
US History team taught with English 7 years, World History team
taught 1 year, Special Ed World History 1 year, and Business 1 Intro
class 3 years and Business Communications (125) 2 years.

Teaching Style:
My teaching style can be described as energetic and collaborative,
with lots of student participation. My class does not stagnate, as the
students are always working on multiple things at once. I am
also enthusiastic with a strong commitment to student understanding
through the use of creative and hands-on learning. I use lectures
and activities focusing on standards/common core based lessons and

Runner-up to the teacher of the year, and nominated as Daughters
American Revolution teacher of the year.

Own Education History:
Following the graduation from high school, I attended Saddleback Jr.
College. I then transferred to UCSB and received a degree in History
and a minor in coaching. After my credential program, I completed my
Masters in Education in 1995 and started teaching in the Fall of that
same year.

Additional Bio Info:
I love being outdoors and doing things with my
kids. I am an avid surfer and basketball player. I love to travel and
have been to Europe more than once, Hawaii a dozen times and I hope
to live in Mexico after my teaching career.