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US History Vietnam War Bundle

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Make your Vietnam War Unit the favorite of the year with this engaging, ready-to-go bundle of activities, videos, powerpoints, writing assignments, and much more!

Bundle Perks
- 2 different versions of PPT/Keynotes
- All the videos will be included for PPT's/ Keynotes
- Email support for any questions you may have
- 24+ years of experience in the classroom and I still teach currently

What's Included  

- Chapter Preview sheet
- How to Outline guide
- Vietnam War teaching: long & short version
- Discussion Questions
- Yesterday Show project
- Crash Course generic guide
- Crash Course #38
- All tests and quizzes
- Paragraph prompts for the year
- Flipped Classroom guide
- Vietnam Notes for the teacher or the students
- The Century Americas Time video guide

The Vietnam War had an incredible impact that will shape the next decade. This unit builds on the 1960's units I created with:
Chapter Preview sheet / How to outline / Daily plans
These are a few ideas to get students started for the unit.
Vietnam War Teaching
There is a short one, a medium one and a long one, in case you run out of time teaching the earlier parts of history. Each unit covers the basics, while the longer ones tend to go a little more in-depth on certain areas of the war. ( 1-2 Days)
Discussion Day
This is a great way to do an in-class discussion on the concepts that have been taught over the last week. Give the students 20 minutes to write their own answers and then have them discuss for 20 minutes. (1 Day)
Yesterday Show
A great way to the end the year and have the students re-teach a lot of the information that was covered during the semester. This interactive project has the students work in teams to present information about each decade in a competitive environment. The 2 presentations are judged by 3 teachers if you can get any on their prep. The class has been broken into 2 separate groups so they are working as a team as they support each decade that is presented.
Crash Course Video Guide
Crash Course EP. 38
Here is what is included in this 6 page download:
1. Note Taking Guide for Students: This is essentially a blank section to take notes in.
2. Summary of the Video: A place for the students to write a short summary of what they have watched.
3. Teacher Notes from the: 1 page of notes.
4. Vocabulary Section: I have chosen 3 words that would be good to have the students look up. I also have them write each of the words in a sentence.
5. Quiz for students/with answers: There is a 7 question quiz with answers from the episode. It can be taken in class or taken home.
6. Blank Template for student created quiz:
**Also, highly recommend having the students watch this on half speed. If you click the wheel on the bottom of the YouTube video you can adjust the speed.
Tests and Quizzes
Also included are the tests and quizzes for this chapter.
Paragraph Prompts
These some good ideas to have your students write about during the course of the year. They are apart of the free download that is in the store.
Flipped classroom 2 Page Guide
This allows the students to work through the PPT with assistance.
Vietnam Notes Page
4 pages of notes to go over with the students or just to go over in class out loud.
Americas Century of Time
Great episode to help understand the Vietnam War conflict.