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US History First Semester Bundle | Early America through WWI

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Got new prep? Want to add more variety to your course? Utilize this First Semester US History Mega Bundle in your next class. It's packed with teaching resources, plans, lessons, activities, and much more! It includes FREE updates to the bundle and bonus student workbooks for both 8th and 10th grade. 

- 3 different versions of the first semester notes ( short/long and updated)
- Dropbox and Google Drive lifetime FREE updates to this bundle
- New lessons are added frequently, giving you even more variety and options
Bonus Student workbooks for both Grade 8 and Grade 11
- All the videos will be included for PPT's/ Keynotes
- Email support for any questions you may have
- 25+ years of experience in the classroom (and still teaching) 


What's included:


Day 1-20 First Semester Thematic Notes
These notes can be used a number of different ways. I always have my students take Cornell notes as I go over the history in class. I teach the first semester partly as a review and partly as new material. The notes are worth 150 points and are due at the end of the semester. I have included all the videos for each of the presentations and the notes are in 2 different versions for ease of use.

DAY 1: Overview of US History
DAY 2: We Shall Remain Part I
DAY 3: Colonies in the Wilderness
DAY 4: Colonies TCI
DAY 5: Enlightenment and Great Awakening
DAY 6: Road to Revolution
DAY 7: New Land and Constitution
DAY 8: Expansion and War
Day 9: We Shall Remain Part II
Day 10: Industrial Revolution
Day 11: Indian Removal, Reform, and American Expansion
Day 12: We Shall Remain Trail of Tears Part III
Day 13: Road to Civil War
Day 14: Civil War- ( Show 12 Years a Slave)
Day 15: Reconstruction
Day 16: American West
Day 17: Industrial Revolution II ( Men Who Built America)
Day 18: Imperialism
Day 19: Progressive Presidents
Day 20: WWI

Genealogy Project
While we are taking notes the students are working on their genealogy project. This is a semester long research project that will be completed at the end of the first semester.

1. PRESIDENT PROJECT VIDEO GUIDE- Show throughout the term.
2. STORY OF US VIDEO GUIDES - Show throughout the term really good.
3. MEN WHO BUILT AMERICA VIDEO GUIDE: I have the students watch the first one in class and the rest at home. 
4. 12 YEARS A SLAVE ACTIVITIES video guide I show this after I review the Civil War.
5. CRASH COURSE WITH JOHN GREEN 1-47: 205 pages of guides and material to use with the CRASH COURSE VIDEOS. 
6. DISCUSSION QUESTIONS: I have the students work on these for 20 minutes by themselves and then have them work in a group of 2 as they go over them. ( Ill typically use these the more second semester) 

- Bibliography PPT
- DBQ resources
- Close Reading sheet
- How to outline
- Mission statement
- Chapter Preview
- Guest Speaker Questions
- Read Around sheet I/II/III/ IV
- Paragraph Sheet
- How to write a book review
- Flipped Classroom sheet
- How to Annotate
- Works Cited Reference guide
- Poem Analysis sheet
- Personal Account Sheet
- Marking the Text

- Road to Civil War Notes
- Civil War Notes
- Reconstruction Notes
- Videos for both Civil War and Reconstruction
- Discussion Questions
- Crash Course ( 3 episodes)
- Story of US (2 episodes)
- Special Bonus
- 12 Years a Slave Video Guide
- Pixton Comic Creation
- Chapter tests
- Chapter Quizzes


- Vocabulary Sheet / GIFT assignment
- Discussion Questions
- Penland Game
- WWI 46 Slide PPT/ Tender Teens PPT
- WWI Short Video AMAZING!
- WIlson's 14 Points
- Lost Battalion Video Guide w/Key
- War Horse Video Guide / Bundle
- WWI Worksheet
- Writing Assignment
- WWI reading
- Crash Course for US History
- WWI Political Cartoons
- Chapter 8 Test and Quizzes
- WWI Summary Notes
- GIFT Assignment with vocab for each unit

1. PRESIDENT PROJECT VIDEO GUIDE- Show throughout the term.
2. THE STORY OF US VIDEO GUIDE – Gets shown throughout first semester. I show this off of Amazon Prime as it is free with your Prime membership. It is not on YouTube as it is a copyright violation.
3. CRASH COURSE WITH JOHN GREEN: These are videos I show in class as it does a great job of summarizing the event or events talked about. Each video is 10 minutes. 
4. DISCUSSION QUESTIONS: I have the students work on these for 20 minutes by themselves and then have them work in a group of 2 as they go over them. ( Ill typically use these the more second semester)
5. THE GIFT ASSIGNMENT: - Students will visually represent the chapter using vocabulary from the book. 
6. CRASH COURSE EP. 1-47 Great guides to supplement what is going on in class. They can also be used for HW. 
7. THE CENTURY: AMERICA'S TIME Great summary of each decade. 
8. CRASH COURSE STUDY SKILLSGood way to go over some basic skills before starting the semester. 

This is everything I teach the first semester of US HISTORY with all of the tests included. The units I cover (first semester) as an 11th grade US History teacher are Colonial Heritage - A New Nation - Civil War - Reconstruction - The Progressive Era - World War I.


I will not be doing any returns with this item for obvious reasons. Once I have shipped the thumb drive and given the link to download, it is yours to use in your classroom only.

Book Used to Create the Bundle:
Holt - American Anthem ISBN# 0-03-043302-9 2007 (the spaceman not the bird)

If you are interested in a shipped good/thumb drive please let me know as I can ship it out to you for $10.00. This will include tracking and (1) 8 GB thumb drive with everything on it. Please email/PayPal me at