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World History Middle Ages Bundle | Fall of Rome

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The Fall of Rome and Middle Ages Bundle is a great way to allow your students to go through each chapter and observe what is happening visually before the teaching begins. You will have access to a guide to note taking, my teaching notes, a vocabulary section, quiz with answers, and more.

What's Included

- Chapter Preview sheets
- Fall of Rome PPT's 2 different versions
- Renaissance, Reformation, Scientific Revolution PPT 2 different versions
- Graphic Organizer
- 4 Page Reading Assignment
- Flip Book Project
- Crash Course Video Guides
- Paragraph prompts for World History
- Flipped Classroom Guide (2 pages)
- Additional PPT's ( 4 extra PPT's for your use if needed) Democratic Developments, Middle Ages, Reformation, & Renaissance.
- Bonus videos

Chapter Preview Sheets
This allows the students to go through the chapter and observe what is happening visually before the teaching begins.
Post Rome PPT
English Bill of Rights and the Magna Cart and Feudalism.
Renaissance, Scientific Revolution, and Reformation PPT
20 slide Middle Age teaching that discusses a brief overview of the Renaissance, Scientific Revolution, and Reformation.
FlipBook Project
FlipBook project based on the reading. Allows students to express what they learned from the reading in a project-based way.
Four Page Reading Assignment
Charlemagne, The Vikings, Feudalism, Knights, Crusades, Magna Carta, Black Death, Castles. There is a great reading assignment that goes with this reading. This is a great assignment that works!
This quiz goes with the reading above.
Seven Crash Course Video Guides
Included in this 6-page download:
1. Note Taking Guide for Students: This is essentially a blank section to take notes in.
2. Summary of the Video: A place for the students to write a short summary of what they have watched.
3. Teacher Notes from the: My 1 page of notes.
4. Vocabulary Section: Chosen are 3 words that would be good to have the students look up. Also, have them write each of the words in a sentence.
5. Quiz for students/with answers: There is a 7 question quiz with answers from the episode. It can be taken in class or taken home. I think in class would be better.
6. Blank Template for student created quiz.
**Also, I highly recommend having the students watch this on half speed. If you click the wheel on the bottom of the YouTube video you can adjust the speed.
Mankind the Story of US Ep. #7
This includes the simple version, long version, a paragraph assignment, and a classroom guide.
Paragraph Prompts
These some good ideas to have your students write about during the course of the year.
Flipped Classroom
This allows the students to work through the PPT with assistance. It offers individual reflection, group discussion and time with the teacher. It is brand new so feel free to send me an email if you have any feedback or ways to make it better.
Additional PPTS
These are some extra PPT’s that might be useful in teaching these units.
Also, added are some videos from YouTube videos that are all 3-4 minutes in length so that they may be embedded in the PPT.