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World History Cold War Bundle

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Make your Cold War Unit the favorite of the year with this engaging, ready-to-go bundle of activities, videos, powerpoints, writing assignments, and much more!  

Bundle Perks
- 2 different versions of PPT/Keynotes
- All the videos will be included for PPT's/ Keynotes
- Email support for any questions you may have
- 24+ years of experience in the classroom and I still teach currently

What Is Included

- Daily Plans
- Pre-test
- Cold War PPT (3 different versions)
- We Didn't Start the fire assignment
- Cold War video
- Cold War Test / Quizzes
- Cold War Cartoons
- Who Caused the Cold War Writing Assignment
- VICE Assignment
- Paragraph prompts for World History
- Crash Course Cold War
- Gift Assignment
- BONUS #1
- BONUS #2

Daily Plans

I have included my 2 weeks of daily plans. There is way more material than the 2 weeks but just wanted to give you my plans as a reference.


Pre-test with Key

Cold War PPT
This is a 23 slide presentation that will walk you through all the major events of the COLD WAR. It is very visual with very little text.
"We Didn't Start the Fire" with lyrics and the link to "The Russians." This is a great way to add variety to your teaching of the Cold War as many of the students have not heard or seen these songs before.
Cold War Video
As a follow-up to the PPT and the songs I like to show the show Death of Nation as it really shows how Russia has evolved over the last couple of decades.
Cold War Test and Quiz
Communist Cartoons

2 different cartoons that represent the Cold War and what was going on at the time. These are just fun but really convey the message of the Cold War.

Who Caused the Cold War
Fantastic assignment that I do every year. It puts the blame on one of the big 3 as the students will use all that they have learned to prove one way or another. Very similar to a DBQ.
A great way to finish off the year with some Vice episodes. They are all available on youtube to watch and show in your classroom.
Paragraph Prompts
These some good ideas to have your students write about during the course of the year. They are apart of my free download that is in my store.
Three additional Berlin Crisis, Cold War Cartoons, Domino Theory. These are great lessons that I got from Share my lesson and am just including them as I really enjoy using them.
Flipped Classroom Guide 
This guide is a great way to teach a PPT/ Keynote. It allows the students to dig into the PPT/ Keynote and discuss with a group and meet with the teacher.
Crash Course Cold War #39
This is a 5-page guide that will help reinforce the direct teaching. This can be used as a quiz, notes, or a great follow-up discussion to the Cold War.
Gift Assignment
The gift is a visual representation of the chapter using vocabulary, images, and organization to show the understanding of the material.
Bridge of Spies Video Guide
This is a 35 question video guide for the movie Bridge of Spies. There are also 5 discussion questions / 5 quiz questions and an essay.
11 YouTube videos that are all 3-4 minutes in length so that they may be embedded in the PPT.