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Crash Course Worksheets Bundle | Navigating Digital Information

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Want to implement Crash Course videos in your classroom? Save you valuable time and energy with this Bundle of Digital Information Crash Course resources.


Here’s what is included:
  • 35+ Pages of Material
  • CC Navigating Digital Information Ep. 1-10

  1. Note Taking Guide for Students: Blank section for students to creatively take notes
  1. Video Summary: Location for students to write a short summary of what they have watched.
  1. Teacher Notes: Filled out and completed notes for each video to save you more time
  1. Vocabulary Section: 3 words that the students should research and write individually write in a sentence.
  1. Quiz for students (including answers): A 10 question quiz that students should take after watching the video or as homework. I prefer in class as the material from the video is easier to remember for the students.



  • Introduction
  • The Facts about Fact Checking
  • Check Yourself with Lateral Reading
  • Who Can You Trust?
  • Using Wikipedia
  • Evaluating Evidence
  • Evaluating Photos & Videos
  • Data & Infographics
  • Click Restraint
  • Social Media