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Got new prep in Economics? Want variety in your teaching? This Full Semester Mega Bundle is packed with teaching resources, plans, lessons, and activities that will save your valuable time and energy. It also includes FREE lifetime updates to the bundle through Google Drive.  

Bundle Perks

- Access to the Google Drive with lifetime FREE updates
- Email support for any questions you may have
- 25+ years of experience in the classroom and I still teach currently
- New lessons are added frequently, giving you even more variety and options 

Economics Bundle Includes

A thorough breakdown of the items included in this bundle and how to efficiently use them. *Recently updated

Intro to Semester
Syllabus, Weekly Schedule, and Monthly Plans outlining what I teach and when I teach it.

Personal Finance Bundle
A. Personal Finance in Bitesize 
- 21 Lessons
- Lesson Plan - 2 separate version - printable long view - chart for the week
- PPT overview ( 2 slides)
- Teacher guide
- Handouts
- 3 situations to go over with the students
- Bonus: Dave Ramsey clip to share with the students

B.Financial Fitness
22 Lessons on a variety of topics

C. Learning from the Market / Personal Finance 
This will go with the stock market but also has some good info on personal finance as well.

D. Financial Fitness Lesson
Great one day lesson on the rule of 72

E. Personal Finance Assessment
31 question personal finance assessment with the key.

F. Personal Finance Game
Cash Crunch Dominoes is a fun and exciting way to learn about money. (NEW)

G. Additional Personal Finance Resources
1. Every Dollar Guide to budgeting from Dave Ramsey
2. H&R Block Dollars and Sense Lessons – 5 lessons
3. 101 Ways to build wealth – This is a money magazine article that is good food for thought for the students.
4. Personal Finance Links - 69 links from the South Dakota Department of education.
5. The Turtle and the Hare financial fable – this is just a fun analogy of how we should be investing our money.

Common Core Economics
25 Common Core Economics lessons with PPT/Keynotes with quizzes and final and review sheet. I also just added google slide versions of all PPT/Keynotes.

We the Economy
20 short 5-8 minute films that deal with a variety of topics from Economics. Bundle includes video guides with answer keys. This would be a great follow up to any of the units in the book. (from folder #5)

Economics Direct Teaching
Chapters broken up into Micro and Maco with tests/quizzes and videos included plus a semester final. For each PPT I have also included a student note-taking guide to keep the students focused on what is being taught. ( NEW PPT's are completed)

1. Micro
This is the collection of chapters that focus on the smaller parts of the economy. Each chapter includes a direct teaching component, videos from the PPT, lessons, and quizzes that go with each chapter. With each chapter, I typically use Mondays for Current Events and then spend 3 days of the week on the teaching and Fridays is for quizzes and working on projects or books that are being read.

2. Macro
This is a collection of chapters dealing with the chapter as a whole. Each chapter includes a direct teaching component, videos from the PPT, lessons, and quizzes that go with each chapter. With each chapter, I typically use Mondays for Current Events and then spend 3 days of the week on the teaching and Fridays is for quizzes and working on projects or books that are being read.

3. Semester Final
Includes review sheet and final and review sheet.

4. Econ Daily Lecture / Activities
This is a very simple version of the Micro/Macro activities from above. I would consider doing this with a workshop or Special Ed class.

5. 20 Additional Lessons
Not sure where I got this but it is a good supplement to what I am doing in case I need something quick to support the chapter I am teaching

6. Visual Representation
This is a great way to get students engaged in the chapter and takes 20-25 minutes.  

7. Economics Projects
These are 10 projects to be used during the course of the semester. There is no way to do all of them but you can pick and choose which best fits your students.

1. Stock Project
2. Board Game Project
3. Khan Academy Entrepreneurship Project
4. Entrepreneur Project
5. The Gift Assignment
6. Economics Book Writing Project
7. Performance Task
8. Portfolio Project
9. Theme Park Project
10. Blog Project
11. Job Shadow Project
12. Resume Project

8. Reflection of the semester
Final write up on the semester.

9. Resume and Cover letter
A how-to guide to writing a resume and a cover letter. This goes with the portfolio project.

10. Economics Brain Teasers
Just fun things for students to think about 

11. Quotes and advice 
Les Brown quotes and other useful info for seniors

12. Amazing Video Links to for Econ
Video Links 
ACDC Leadership / Banks of US / Banking videos / Federal Reserve / Gold Standard / Great Depression / How the Economy works / Scarcity / School House Rock / Taxes / Trading and Bartering / unemployment /

Movie Guides
1. The Ultimate Gift
2. Hudsucker Proxy
3. Great article on using film in the classroom
4. List of potential Economics movies is included

TV Series
- Multiple Episodes of "The Profit"
- General Guides of "The Apprentice"

13. Books Projects
Great selection of books available in this bundle. I recommend picking two that you feel are good if students are AP. For the regular classes, I suggest one book (Most common is Rich Dad Poor Dad). 
The Books Included in this Bundle:
- 4 Hour Work Week
- 5 Dysfunctions of a team 
- Entrepreneurship short books 
- Naked Economics - Simplistic breakdown of the basics of economics. Included quizzes. (** HIGHLY RECOMMEND**)
- Rich Dad Poor Dad- The power of Real Estate
- Think and Grow Rich – How to use your resources to the best of your ability
- Zappos: Delivering Happiness- About working at an amazing company

14. Crash Course Videos and Guide
35 Micro and Macro video guides that are a great way to start out a unit or close off a unit of concept. These guides cover:

  • Crash Course Economics Episodes 1-35
  • Crash Course Business Soft Skills Episodes 1-17
  • Crash Course Study Skills Episodes 1-10
  • Crash Course Entrepreneurship Episodes 1-17


    - What is Economics?
    - Economic Systems and Decision making
    - Business Organizations
    - What is Demand
    - What is Supply
    - Prices as Signals
    - Market Structures
    - Employment, Labor, and Wages
    - Sources of Government Revenue
    - Sources of Government Revenue
    - Money and Banking
    - Financial Markets
    - Economic Performance
    - Economic Stability
    - Federal Reserve
    - Achieving Economic Stability
    - International Trade
    - Comparative Economic Systems
    - Government Spending
    - Personal Finance



    Civics Bundle Includes

    A guide on how to use this bundle and what is included.

    Holt Chapters
    23 chapters that each include: 
    1. Activities

    A 1-2 page worksheet that provides great interactive discussion and thought for each section of each chapter.

    2. Civics Quiz
    A quiz for each section.

    3. Videos
    Short 3-4 minute videos for each section.

    4. Test and Key
    A 2-page test for each chapter. I have also included a key for each of the tests.

    5. Chapter PPT
    These are short and engaging PPT's that can be teacher taught or used by the students to go through the material.

    6. Entry / Exit Slip
    I have added an entry and exit slips to each chapter.

    7. Writing Assignment
    I have added a 3-page writing assignment for each of the chapters covered.

    8. Newspaper Activity
    This is a fill in the blank newspaper activity that helps students understand the concepts of the chapter in a different format.

    Crash Course Guides 1-50
    These are a fantastic way to supplement the economics curriculum. There are 50 five-page Crash Course guides that are included in this bundle.

    General Instructional Teaching Strategies
    4 pages of general strategies for teaching!

    20 Civics Website Resources
    This is a one-page list of all the potential Civics Resources, a total of 20 LINKS. 

    Civics Worksheets
    66 pages of worksheets. These were not created by myself but were merely a free resource.

    Civics Readings and Court Cases
    Over 400+ pages of readings and court cases.

    Civics Freebees-
    1. Arizona state Civics test -
    2. Constitution Guide -
    3. Handouts - Current Events, Daily quiz, Gov. Mind Map, nonverbal vocabulary, Political cartoon analysis, President Mind Map
    4. State of Nature v. Government
    5. Why Learn Civics
    West Wing Episodes

    Currently I have 15 episode guides with answer keys that can be used to reinforce the teaching of some of the civics chapters.
    1. List of Episodes and how they correspond to the chapters.
    2. 15 episode guides with answer keys included.

    There are 3 video guides that are included in this MEGA BUNDLE.
    1. Dave Movie - with video guide.
    2. Epic History - history of the presidents.

    3. Most advanced Vehicles Ever Built- This goes through what makes up Air Force One.

    Presidential Debate Forms
    - Election Forms - 2 different versions
    - Mike Rowe on Voting reading

    - Presidential Debate form

    PDF"s of Civics books
    These are LINKS for teachers who don't have access to Civics books.

    Doing a good job
    These are some basic principles on how to do a good job in the classroom.

    Reading and Writing Bundle for DBQ's
    This has everything you need to write a DBQ in your Civics class. Rubrics, outlines and how to's.

    Crash Course Study Skills 
    Crash Course Study Skills EP. 1-10


    - Roles of Government
    - Origins of US Government
    - The US Constitution
    - Federalism
    - Role and Powers of Congress
    - Congress at Work
    - The Presidency
    - Executive Branch at Work
    - Economic Policy
    - Foreign Policy and National Security
    - The Federal Court System
    - The US Legal System
    - Fundamental Freedoms
    - Assuring Individual Rights
    - Protecting Civil Rights
    - Public Opinion
    - Interest Groups
    - Political Parties
    - The Electoral Process
    - State Government
    - Local Government
    - Comparing Political and Economic Systems
    - International Relations


    Glencoe Economics Principles and Practices ISBN# 0-07-825978-9 2003


    Holt American Government - ISBN # 0-03-066636-8 3rd edition 2002.

    UPDATE: I have just added We the Economy guides to this already giant bundle.

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