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Civics Chapter 9 | Economic Policy

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Teach an engaging, ready-to-go lesson with our Chapter 9 “Economic Policy” Bundle. It covers a variety of economic concepts through a streamline PPT, Vocabulary, Videos, Quizzes, Tests, Engaging Activities, Crash Course Video Guides, and a thorough Daily Plan.

Book used to create the bundle: Holt - US Government Principles and Practice

0. DAILY PLANS: An outline teaching you how to utilize the lessons and activities in this bundle.

1. ACTIVITIES: An activity that will reinforce the teaching and lead to some great discussion.

2. QUIZZES: (1) Quiz with answers.

3. VIDEOS: There are 2 great video links that are included with this purchase.

4. TESTS: (1) Test with answers.

5. PPT: A 10 slide PPT that covers: raising revenue, influencing the economy, the federal budget, and deficit spending. This bundle also includes an "easy" and "hard" notes guide (depending on how your students are behaving). 

6. ENTRY/EXIT SLIPS: This is a great way to assess what the students know up front and at the end of the unit/lesson.

7. WRITING: A great writing assignment that will allow students to think and express their thoughts on the chapter.

8. NEWSPAPER NOTES: Another wonderful and unique way for students to use the material and book in class. Also included is the NEWSELA guide as well as my CNN student news guide for some additional activities to use with current events in the classroom.

9. CRASH COURSE GUIDE(S): Crash Course is another great way to explain the material. Included are 3 Crash Course guides with this unit.

Other Chapters Available For Purchase:
- Roles of Government
- Origins of US Government
- The US Constitution
- Federalism
- Role and Powers of Congress
- Congress at Work
- The Presidency
- Executive Branch at Work
- Economic Policy
- Foreign Policy and National Security
- The Federal Court System
- The US Legal System
- Fundamental Freedoms
- Assuring Individual Rights
- Protecting Civil Rights
- Public Opinion
- Interest Groups
- Political Parties
- The Electoral Process
- State Government
- Local Government
- Comparing Political and Economic Systems
- International Relations