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Civics and US Government Mega Bundle

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Got new prep? Enjoy the perks of teaching and save your valuable time with our MASSIVE Civics and US Government Teaching Bundle. It's packed with teaching resources, plans, lessons, activities, and much more! It also includes a FREE lifetime updates to the bundle. 

Perks of the Bundle: 
- Dropbox and Google Drive lifetime FREE updates to this bundle
- Email support for any questions you may have
- 25+ years of experience in the classroom and I still teach currently
- New lessons are added frequently, giving you even more variety and options

Here is what is included

A guide on how to use this bundle and what is included.

Holt Chapters
23 chapters that each include: 
1. Activities

A 1-2 page worksheet that provides great interactive discussion and thought for each section of each chapter.

2. Civics Quiz
A quiz for each section.

3. Videos
Short 3-4 minute videos for each section.

4. Test and Key
A 2-page test for each chapter. I have also included a key for each of the tests.

5. Chapter PPT
These are short and engaging PPT's that can be teacher taught or used by the students to go through the material.

6. Entry / Exit Slip
I have added an entry and exit slips to each chapter.

7. Writing Assignment
I have added a 3-page writing assignment for each of the chapters covered.

8. Newspaper Activity
This is a fill in the blank newspaper activity that helps students understand the concepts of the chapter in a different format.

Crash Course Guides 1-50
These are a fantastic way to supplement the economics curriculum. There are 50 five-page Crash Course guides that are included in this bundle.

General Instructional Teaching Strategies
4 pages of general strategies for teaching!

20 Civics Website Resources
This is a one-page list of all the potential Civics Resources, a total of 20 LINKS. 

Civics Worksheets
66 pages of worksheets. These were not created by myself but were merely a free resource.

Civics Readings and Court Cases
Over 400+ pages of readings and court cases.

Civics Freebees-

1. Arizona state Civics test -
2. Constitution Guide -
3. Handouts - Current Events, Daily quiz, Gov. Mind Map, nonverbal vocabulary, Political cartoon analysis, President Mind Map
4. State of Nature v. Government
5. Why Learn Civics

West Wing Episodes

Currently I have 15 episode guides with answer keys that can be used to reinforce the teaching of some of the civics chapters.
1. List of Episodes and how they correspond to the chapters.
2. 15 episode guides with answer keys included.

There are 3 video guides that are included in this MEGA BUNDLE.

1. Dave Movie - with video guide.
2. Epic History - history of the presidents.

3. Most advanced Vehicles Ever Built- This goes through what makes up Air Force One.

Presidential Debate Forms

- Election Forms - 2 different versions
- Mike Rowe on Voting reading

- Presidential Debate form

PDF"s of Civics books
These are LINKS for teachers who don't have access to Civics books.

Doing a good job
These are some basic principles on how to do a good job in the classroom.

Reading and Writing Bundle for DBQ's
This has everything you need to write a DBQ in your Civics class. Rubrics, outlines and how to's.

Crash Course Study Skills 
Crash Course Study Skills EP. 1-10


- Roles of Government
- Origins of US Government
- The US Constitution
- Federalism
- Role and Powers of Congress
- Congress at Work
- The Presidency
- Executive Branch at Work
- Economic Policy
- Foreign Policy and National Security
- The Federal Court System
- The US Legal System
- Fundamental Freedoms
- Assuring Individual Rights
- Protecting Civil Rights
- Public Opinion
- Interest Groups
- Political Parties
- The Electoral Process
- State Government
- Local Government
- Comparing Political and Economic Systems
- International Relations


Book Used to Create this Bundle: 
Holt American Government - ISBN # 0-03-066636-8 3rd edition 2002.

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