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World History First Semester Bundle | Ancient Greece to Imperialism

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This First Semester World History bundle is perfect for the teacher that has been given a new prep. All the videos will be included for PPT’s/Keynotes. It provides you with multiple options for teaching Ancient Greece to Imperialism. Includes bonus student workbooks for the 7th and 10th grade!

Bundle Perks
- 2 different versions of second-semester notes
- You will get a thumb drive option
- Dropbox download link with lifetime FREE updates and any new products
- Thumb drive mailed
- Bonus Student workbooks for both Grade 7 and Grade 10
- All the videos will be included for PPT's/ Keynotes
- Email support for any questions you may have
- 24+ years of experience in the classroom and I still teach currently
- New lessons are added frequently, giving you even more variety and options (**Music lesson was just added)

What's Included 

- Daily plans
- Map of Greece
- Dark, and Golden Ages of Greece ( 19 slides) ( 2 different versions of this PPT)
- Pictures of Greece
- Concept attainment of Direct and In-Direct democracy (14 slides)
- Quiz for the first week
- Discussion quotes from Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle
- Short film One Out of Many (goes in the Bronze Age, Dark Age, and Golden Age PPT
- Greek Values chart with Key
- Plato and Aristotle reading with questions
- Plato assignment with 4 questions and excerpts from Plato's Republic
- Paragraph writing assignment comparing and contrasting 2 cities of Ancient Greece
- Fall of Greece reading
- Crash Course
- Tests and quizzes from Ancient Greece Unit
- Flipped classroom guide ( 2 pages )
- Famous Figure Evaluation
- Presidential Leadership lesson
- Additional Greece notes
- Daily Plans
- Rome Contributions PPT (18 slides) 2 different versions
- Religions of Rome PPT ( Christianity and Judaism) 2 different versions
- Ben Hur Chariot Race clip
- Fall of Rome ( PPT) 2 different versions
- Rise of Democracy (PPT)
- Engineering an Empire Video (youtube download)
- Middle Age Bonus
- Additional Reading
- Presidential Connection
- Daily Plans
- Enlightenment PPT ( 28 slides) 2 different versions
- Enlightenment Diagram ( 1 page)
- Enlightenment Music PPT ( 10 slides) 2 different versions
- Social Contract Assignment
- Enlightenment Fair Project
- Enlightenment Short Video
- Enlightenment Vocab
- Enlightenment Reading
- Enlightenment Thinker Chart
- Enlightenment Close Reading assignment
- Heroes of the Enlightenment
- Government Sheet BONUS #1
- Test and Quizzes
- Flipped Classroom guide ( 2 pages)
- Famous Figure Evaluation
- Bonus videos #2- 9 of my favorite Enlightenment videos
- Amadeus movie guide with discussion questions and essay question and quiz
- Daily Plans
- Storming the Bastille Activity
- French Revolution 58 Slide PPT ( 2 different versions are included)
- Tennis Court Oath Video
- French Revolution Writing Assignment
- Declaration of Rights of Man Compare and Contrast Writing Assign.
- French Revolution Drama Project
- French Revolution Story Book Project
- Test and Quizzes / Easy Version ( common core ) and Hard Version
- History Channel Guide to French Revolution
- Famous Figure Evaluation
- Bonus YouTube video download
- Napoleon Reading & Quiz with Key
- French Revolution structured notes with KEY
- Les Miserables Video Guide
- Daily Plans
- Agricultural Revolution presentation (11 slides) 2 different versions included
- A short video intro
- Industrial Revolution presentation I and II (38 slides) 2 different versions included
- Note taking guide with questions
- 2 short videos, Industrial Revolution simulation from UCI
- Industrial Revolution reading
- Industrial revolution writing assignment
- Industrial Revolution worksheet for in class or HW
- Industrial Revolution Project
- Industrial Revolution Hard Version Test and Key
- Industrial Revolution Easy Version Test and Key
- Types of governments HW sheet/review with Answer sheet
- Industrial Revolution flow chart and graphic organizers for notes if needed.
- Famous Figure Evaluation
- Romanticism Activity
- Bonus videos to be added to the PPT's
- Daily Plans
- Africa PPT 14 slides 2 different versions included
- Some short videos are included with the above PPT
- India PPT 12 slides 2 different versions included
- Japan vs. China PPT regarding Imperialism 13 slides 3 different versions included
- Worksheets and lessons
- Traditional Imperialism worksheet
- Charles Darwin reading
- White Man's burden
- Ghost in the Darkness Video Guide
- Quizzes and Test for the unit
- Bonus 13 videos to add to the bundle
- Bibliography PPT
- DBQ resources
- Close Reading sheet
- How to outline
- Mission statement
- Chapter Preview
- Guest Speaker Questions
- Read Around sheet I/II/III/ IV
- Paragraph Sheet
- How to write a book review
- Flipped Classroom sheet
- How to Annotate
- Works Cited Reference guide
- Poem Analysis sheet
- Personal Account Sheet
- Marking the Text 

Book Used to Create this Bundle
World History The Modern World ISBN # 0-13-129978-6 2007

**PLEASE READ**: You will get a GOOGLE DRIVE / DROPBOX links to download immediately through google drive.