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Economics Unit 1 | Fundamental Economic Concepts

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Capture your students’ interest with our Unit 1 “Fundamental Economic Concepts” Bundle. It includes Chapters 1-3; What is Economics, Economic Systems and Decision Making, and Business Organizations. Each chapter covers a variety of economic concepts through a streamline PPT, Vocabulary, Videos, Quizzes, Tests, Engaging Activities, Crash Course Video Guides, and a thorough Daily Plan.

BOOK used to create the bundle: Glencoe Economics Principles and Practices

Each Chapter Includes:
0. DAILY PLANS: An outline teaching you how to utilize the lessons and activities in this bundle.
1. CHAPTER PPT: An engaging and dynamic PPT that covers numerous concepts. This bundle also includes an "easy" and "hard" notes guide (depending on how your students are behaving).
2. VIDEOS: There are 2 great video links.
3. BONUS LESSONS: There are 3 bonus lessons included with this unit. (1) Is a lesson on the comparing economic systems. (2) Two common core lessons that allow the students to investigate the subject of economics, (3) NCSS Market Economy Lesson.
4. QUIZZES & TESTS: (1) Test and (1) Pop Quiz.

5. UNIT WORK: The unit worksheet and the discussion sheet are given out at the beginning of each unit. The discussion sheet should be reviewed at the end of the unit.
6. CRASH COURSE: Crash Course is another great way to explain economics. There are 3 episodes in this bundle from CC economics, CC World History, and CC Civics.

7. FLIPPED CLASSROOM GUIDE: A guide used to flip the classroom and let the students engage amongst each other, discussing or asking questions. Can be used with the PPT or any other lesson that may need to be flipped, or partially flipped.

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