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US History 1920's Bundle | Harlem Renaissance

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Make your 1920's Unit the favorite of the year with this engaging, ready-to-go bundle of activities, videos, powerpoints, writing assignments, and much more!  

What's Included

- Daily Plans
- Chapter Preview Sheets (2 different styles) 
- 36 slide PPT / Updated version of this PPT as well
- Note guide for the PPT
- 10 Videos for the PPT or in class
- Fun facts on Prohibition/students love this
- Sacco and Vanzetti Lesson
- Crash Course Women's Suffrage and Roaring 1920's
- Discussion Questions
- A story of US Short and Long Versions
- Chapter Test and review sheet
- Paragraph Prompt for US History
- Commie Hunt Simulation (20 minutes)
- Flipped classroom 2-page guide
2. Amelia Earhart
3. Charles Lindbergh
4. Charlie Chaplain
5. Crazy Inventions of the 1920s
6. Henry Ford Production line clip
7. Marcus Garvey
8. Prohibition
9. Sacco and Vanzetti
10. Steamboat Willie
11. The Great Depression movie
12. The Scopes Trial
13. The First Radio Broadcast
Daily Plans
Chapter Preview Sheet
Pass out Chapter Preview sheets to have students observe the pictures and the headings in the chapter.
1920's Presentation
Begin the 1920's Presentation and pass out the notes sheet that goes with it.
Fun Facts Prohibition
This is a good time to talk about the history of Prohibition.
Sacco and Vanzetti Sacco and Vanzetti Lesson
The students will evaluate the case of Sacco and Vanzetti and try to determine from the evidence if they were guilty of innocent. This is a self-contained lesson and the students really like looking at it. Feel free to extend it or have students work in groups as it is more fun for them.
Crash Course 1920s and Women's Suffrage
 1. Note Taking Guide for Students: This is essentially a blank section to take notes in.
 2. Summary of the Video: A place for the students to write a short summary of what they have watched.
 3. Teacher Notes: 1 page of notes.
 4. Vocabulary Section: There are 3 words that would be good to have the students look up. Also have them write each of the words in a sentence.
 5. Quiz for students w/ answers: There is a 10 question quiz with answers from the episode. It can be taken in class or taken home. I think in class would be better.
 6. Blank Template for student created quiz.
 **Also, highly recommend having the students watch this on half speed. If you click the wheel on the bottom of the YouTube video you can adjust the speed.
Discussion Questions
Feel free to use as many or as little of these as you would like. Have the students do them prior to class and have had them complete them in class. It works best if they work on them for 20 minutes and then discuss them for 20 minutes.
Test and Review Sheet

Paragraph Prompts
These some good ideas to have your students write about during the course of the year. They are apart of my free download that is in my store.
The Story of US
Includes the Story of US Bust Episode. It contains the short and long versions of the guide.
Commie Hunt Simulation
This is one of the best things I do during the course of this unit.The chapter off with this and it goes amazingly well. The directions are clear and the PPT is included that goes with the simulation.