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Civil War Reconstruction Bundle

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Grab your students’ attention as you launch your study of Civil War Reconstruction with this dynamic resource bundle. Covering the 12 Years a Slave Era, this bundle is packed with videos, writing activities, and much more! Great for giving students an extensive understanding of the important issues and events that guided America to the country it is today.

Bundle Perks 
- 2 different versions of PPT/Keynotes
- Access to the Google Drive Link
- All the videos will be included for PPT's/ Keynotes
- Email support for any questions you may have
- 24+ years of experience in the classroom and I still teach currently

What's Included 

Do these with every chapter to allow the students to at least see what we are going to be studying before the unit begins. Included are 2 different versions of the Chapter Preview sheet. The chapter preview sheets take about 20 minutes to do in class. It is a good this to do on a day that a test is being gone over or while doing a Pre-test for the Cold War.
These Cornell notes highlight the things that lead to the Civil War. It is also a great lead-in to show the Story of US Division.
These Cornell notes highlight the things that took place during the Civil War. The notes do not focus on the battles but focus on the differences between the North and South. It is also a great lead-in to show the Story of US Civil War.
These Cornell notes highlight the things that took place to rebuild the south and the union.
Included are 4 videos to use with the units as well. The best one was too big so I am going to link to it via youtube. This video was made by one of my students to recap the war in 4 minutes or less.
This is a great way to do an in-class discussion on the concepts that have been taught over the last week. Give the students 20 minutes to write their own answers and then have them discuss for 20 minutes. (1 Day)
Included are 2 different versions of the Story of US guide. The first one focuses on Division and the Second focuses on the Civil War. I also added a very detailed guide for Division and will be adding the Civil War guide as well. If it is not there send me an email.
Unfortunately, it is based on the book we use, American Anthem, and should be handed out a couple days prior to the test. (1 Day)
CRASH COURSE EP. 20 / 21/ 22
Here is what is included in this 6-page download:
1. Note Taking Guide for Students: This is essentially a blank section to take notes in.
2. Summary of the Video: A place for the students to write a short summary of what they have watched.
3. Teacher Notes from the:1 page of notes.
4. Vocabulary Section:Chosen are 3 words that would be good to have the students look up. I also have them write each of the words in a sentence.
5. Quiz for students with answers: There is a 7 question quiz with answers from the episode. It can be taken in class or taken home. I think in class would be better.
6. Blank Template for student created quiz.
**Also, I highly recommend having the students watch this on half speed. If you click the wheel on the bottom of the YouTube video you can adjust the speed.
This has everything you need to wrap up an already amazing unit. Guarantee this will knock your student's socks off. It is a great 4 day week. Show this prior to the test and it does not disappoint.
Allows students to take something very difficult and simplify it into something like a comic strip.
Also giving you some Stanford lessons on the Civil War. They are great common core lessons that really do help teach the material.
These some good ideas to have your students write about during the course of the year. They are apart of my free download that is in my store.