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Who doesn’t like movies. In the classroom it is tricky using movies that pertain to the content and don’t waste valuable classroom time. Currently, I am teaching the Russian Revolution and find it to be one of the more difficult chapters to teach in the book. I decided to break the chapter down into 2 parts. The first part deals with Russia prior to WWI and the second part deals with Russia after WWI. In the middle of both parts I have the students watch Rasputin which explains what it was like for Nicholas II and his family during the war. While the students are watching the video they are also answering questions about the video while writing 2 paragraphs at home on what is going on before and after the war. I think it is a good way for students to learn more about the the Russian Revolution in a way that is fun and still challenges them in the classroom. Feel free to check out my movie guide for the whole year or the Russian Revolution bundle.





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