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Totalitarian Unit

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This week in World History, we are covering Totalitarian leaders and their reigns during World War II. We start with working on a Totalitarian Leader’s Writing Assignment comparing and contrasting two of the three leaders, Stalin, Hitler, and Mussolini.  I let the students choose which two leaders they write about and whether they use Memo or MLA format. This assignment on my store comes with a power point that gives students the necessary information to complete the paragraphs.  They take notes on this power point on a sheet that I provide them with. I follow that up with Showing the students Facism in Color, which is a video guide that I will be putting out as a product soon on my store. They take time in class to finish up their writing assignment. Then, I show them the Hitler/Stalin Video which gives them even more necessary information about these leaders during WWII. For homework, they are given the Gift Assignment, which is a new twist on outlining the chapters we are learning about. All of these products and more can be found in my Totalitarianism Bundle. Thank you for reading this week!

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