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Top 5 Tips for Teaching World War I

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World War I and World War II are 2 of the most fascinating events to teach and learn about in US and World History. I personally love all the different things that took place during both wars th4at teaching them in 3-4 weeks does not seem to do it justice.

My philosophy in regards to helping teachers is to give them all the resources you can and let them make the best decision for their own classroom. One of the reasons I make everything editable and changeable is that just because it works in my classroom does not mean it will work in yours.

Recently I created 2 bundles that I sell on Teachers Pay Teachers that address this very issue. They are my WWI Mega Bundle and WWII Mega Bundle. I have included more than a month of curriculum and over 100- worth of resources that any teacher would love to have. I have been developing these resources for 22 years and I guarantee they work and are effective in teaching WWI and WWII. If for some reason you would like any of my top 5 tips for WWI they are all available individually.

Here are my top 5 tips for teaching WWI:

  1. Tell the story of Franz Ferdinand getting shot: This is a really great way to set the stage for why WWI started. I always start the story either withprincip WWI vocab/pre-test or the WWI Franz Ferdinand story. I have included it in the bundle, but I assure you there are tons of different versions of this story.
  1. WWI PPT: The WWI PPT fills in the gap and answers all the questions regarding WWI. The WWI PPT starts with the causes of WWI and transitions into a quick background of the war. I like this PPT because it creates some good discussion and allows for lots of different methods of approaching the War. I even like to teach the first day and then have the students go through all the different weapons of war and then I will finish it. This is included in the bundle and has two different versions.
  1. War Horse Movie: What a fantastic film. It checks all the boxes and really does a great job of keeping the students attention. I justify the showing of the film by the amazing story, that the students love, and because of aloriginal-1061392-1l the weapons of war that are shown in use during the movie. This guide is included in the big bundle and can be purchased separately.
  1. WWI T-Notes: One of the great things I like to encourage my students to do is to take ownership of their education. Giving the students the T-notes is challenging and really helps the students understand the story of WWI. I like to have the students work separately and then have them work together for a day. Following the 2 work days I spend a day going over everything.
  1. Crash Course: This is just a fantastic summary of the War. If for some reason the students have missed anything at all this is a great solution and summary of the war.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions about anything.


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