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The almighty paragraph is so important for the students to learn as it really sets the stage for all the writing they will be doing in my class though out the year.  We typically write at least once a week looking at many different historical situations throughout the year. When I teach the paragraph sheet I walk the students through the 4 different steps when writing a paragraph. The first step being that of what they are doing. Are they comparing / contrasting / writing a persuasive paper?  Once that is decided then the brainstorming can being for the examples that will be in the 11 sentence paragraph. Not all examples will be used as this is a space that is supposed to be used for ideas. Following the brainstorm each example will be either discarded or selected for the paragraph. This can be done with a simple line through the ones not being used and a circle around the ones being used. At this point in the process I like to write the topic sentence, which can be very difficult for many students to write. If it is a comparison paragraph it would sound like this: ” Taco Bell and Del taco are alike in many ways.” Are there better ways to do this? Absolutely! Does this work? Yes! It is a great start for the students so that they can follow the format. Following the writing of the topic sentence the building of the paragraph will being using well thought out examples and concrete evidence. I will use the Taco Bell vs Del Taco example in class and walk the students through the 4  step process allowing them to compare and contrast something of their own for HW.

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