Teaching in 3’s will change your teaching day and lower your stress

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Teaching in 3’s will change your teaching day and lower your stress

I always have more to teach and do than I can get done in a day. I call it the over-achiever syndrome. I will make my list of 5-6 things that I want to do, and I never get to that 5th and 6th thing during the course of my day. Sometimes I may even rush the class through what we are doing to see if I can actually get those things done that I know I will not get to. This is not good teaching, and it is stressing me and the students out as I try to do everything in my short 52 minutes class time. The questions I should be asking myself before I go into my day are things like:

  1. What am I trying to teach the students? Is what I am doing valuable and important?
  1. Could they do this task at home or should it be only done at school?

The solution to stop the craziness is to teach in 3’s. I always have 3 things to do as it does so many good things for both the teacher and the student.

  1. The first one is it takes the stress out of the day, as your day is simple and to the point. Sometimes you will have bigger things to do and smaller things to do as a teacher can always put them together to make it equally the time you have.
  1. Students and their brains work in 15-20 minutes chunks. If you can keep things moving and fresh then you will have more of their attention.
  1. It is easy to remember as you work through your day with the students. It is also easy to replicate as sometimes we have 4-6 sections of classes and we need to keep everything straight.

Here is a good example of some things I have taught recently:

  1. Discuss the week
  2. Go over the Imperialism discussion questions – let students work for 15-20 minutes
  3. Discuss with the students in class.

As a bonus I have provided a free to do list for the teacher to use to help stay organized. Feel free to download it and use it. Also, if you have any questions feel free to reach out.



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