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Sketch Notes Assignment

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For most of the chapters I teach, I give my students an assignment that I call ‘The Gift’. This is a sketch notes assignment, inspired by Mike Rohde, who wrote the book The Sketchnote Handbook. I was inspired to make an assignment to help students learn in different ways. This type of notes makes the information visually appealing and uses creativity to help them learn and understand the material. I supply the students with a vocabulary list for the chapter and explanation of what their notes need to include. Every student learns differently, so I try to use a variety of different types of lessons and assignments. The drawings don’t have to be amazing, not everyone is an artist. This assignment is just supposed to give the student freedom to learn their way and get creative with how they display the chapter. My one rule about this assignment is that it has to be 70% drawings, 30% words. This does help to make sure that they do not just write a ton of information as they would with normal notes and then draw a picture here and there. I will display some examples below of great notes by current students.


“The Gift” examples: new doc 138 , new doc 139


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