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Rethinking grading and homework

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This year has been a good year, but a really tiring year. The number of students who have been sick, ditched or just won’t do their work this year has been at all time highs. I have been thinking about what students are really learning at school and whether I am being effective as a high school teacher. I think I am, but I am rethinking the ways I teach things to students so that they can more productive inside and outside of the classroom.

Some of my big takeaways this year regarding the millennial generation are as follows:

  1. They need something practical and real to work on everyday.
  2. They need someone in charge all the time and do not work well with a lot of freedom.
  3. They like to hear positive comments about themselves even if they are not doing a good job

Some of the other questions I have are things like, if students don’t complete their homework, but get an A on the test should their grade reflect the lower grade or the higher grade?  Should I give the students their HW prior to the unit and then let them do their homework when they have time? What if students did not have to do homework?

What if they received an A or a B on the previous test. So that their homework becomes OPTIONAL, like a RESOURCE,  and none of it is busy work. If the students received a C or lower on the test then they would have to do the homework for the next unit. So the A and B students would get the same grade on the homework as they got on the test. It sounds easy and it lets the students focus on the subjects they need help with rather than having to do all the work for every little thing.

The students would still have to participate in the group work, writing assignments, and quizzes in class. They would only be released from the homework if they could manage to do well on the test. They would also be required to do the homework for the first unit in class so they understood how things are supposed to be organized and done.

I think with our students having access to more and more content online and living a more digital lifestyles they want and appreciate any freedom they receive. Is this method right for everyone? No, in fact I have no idea if it will work but it is an interesting concept to think about being that our students want and need different options than we have had traditionally over the past 2 decades in the classroom.

Please email if you have any other ideas of thoughts regarding this topic.


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