Men Who Built America


“I bought this lesson for 2 classes at 2 levels. I will use it with my 9th grade World History class. I will use parts of it with my 12th grade Econ class. It was a good buy. I will check this teachers lessons next time I am looking.”

– 8 page download
– 7 STEPS in ONE Guide
– Notes page – to copy for each episode
– Character trait list for different assignments
– How would you live differently based on what you know from this series sheet.
– Generic guide for each episode – 15 questions
– Multi-Paragraph Writing assignment
– History Channel free guide PDF



This is an assignment that I created seeing the need for a good explanation of big business in the 1800’s.

The video series does a great job of explaining the second Industrial Revolution which is one of the reasons I really like. The series gives a great focus to the CHARACTER qualities of these men and how they made their fortunes.

It did not happen overnight but a unique set of circumstances presented themselves and these men took advantage of that. I like to call it LUCK meeting OPPORTUNITY with a lot of hard work. Enjoy the assignment as it is meant to be done inside and outside of class.

<strong>LESSON PLANS: </strong> I intro the video with my Industrial Revolution PPT which I will include in a link. After teaching the Industrial Revolution I begin the MEN WHO BUILT AMERICA series. In class the students will have to take at least a half page of notes for each episode and then complete the video guide outside of class. I typically collect everything together a day after I finish the video series. As another option I have included a character lesson plan on things that may have stood out to the students in the video that they may want to implement into their lives. Feel free to make any adjustments as I am including the original word document file in this purchase.

<strong>WHERE TO WATCH: </strong>It used to be on youtube but it got taken down. I did see it on Ebay for 12.00 with free shipping and it is on Amazon Prime as well for FREE if you have an Amazon Prime account.

<strong>HERE IS THE FREE OPTION: </strong>(who knows how long it will be available)

<a href=””><strong>MEN WHO BUILT AMERICA LINK</strong> </a>

<a href=””><strong>MEN WHO BUILT AMERICA LINK II</strong> </a>


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