Jackie Robinson “42” Video Guide Long Version


“I love this, the questions are thinking questions, which is keeping my kids thinking and engaged. Thank you!!”



Here is what is included:

– Jackie Robinson Intro reading
– Jackie Robinson 4 pg. Video guide
– Jackie Robinson after the movie reading
– short version w/ key
– medium version see long version key
– long version w/ key
– Jackie Robinson quotes
– Key to Success activity ( GRIT)
– Unbroken Book Project

This is a guide that I put together that allows the students to begin to think about what is going on with Civil Rights during the 1940’s. I just finished teaching WWII and I could not think of a better video to show while my students are taking and preparing for the AP test.

Before we started the movie I did have the students read the background of Jackie Robinson and then had them answer the 6 questions to make sure they understood what we were going to see. Who? What ? When? Where? Why? and How? for the reading. I will post the reading as a FREE resource.

Here is what I am going to include:

1. Intro-Reading: This is a one page document that introduces the movie and gives a little background before starting the film.

2. Long Version Video Guide: This is a 4 page document that has a character list, and lots of quotes throughout the guide. There is also a short version included in case the long version is not something you want to use during the course of the movie. For the short version there is a pre-test of 2 questions followed up with 7 additional questions to answer during the film. (Total of 20 questions)

3. The Rest of the Story: This 2 page reading discusses what happened with the rest of Jackie Robinson’s life following his baseball career.

4. Jackie Robinson Quotes: The quote assignment is an in class extension that allows students to think about what was said during the course of the film. The quote page is a 2 page assignment.

5. Key to Success: GRIT: What are the qualities that have allowed a generation of men to live through the Great Depression and fight in WWII. This is a fun activity for a Friday and takes about 20 minutes in class.

6. Bonus: As a bonus I typically have my students read the book UNBROKEN for EC. I have included the EC sheet that I go over right before discussing Jackie Robinson on Day.


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