Economics Full Semester

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“Thank you so much for this wonderful economics bundle full of resources! Will definitely be looking here in the future for more!”

– 4 different ways to teach the material
– Google Drive lifetime FREE updates and any new products
– Thumb drive mailed
– All the videos will be included for PPT’s/ Keynotes
– Email support for any questions you may have
– 22 years of experience in the classroom and I still teach currently
– New lessons are added all the time, to give you even more options

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BOOK: Glencoe Economics Principles and Practices.

**This bundle is perfect for the teacher that has been given a new prep of Economics. It provides multiple options for teaching economics with lots of resources to mix it up.**

***PLEASE READ***: You will get BOTH a thumb drive and a GOOGLE DRIVE link to download immediately through google drive.

Here is what is included:

– 0. Directions – A guide on how to use this bundle and what is included.

– 1. Intro to Semester: Syllabus, weekly schedule and monthly plans of what I teach and when

– 2. Personal Finance:

A. 101 Ways to Build Wealth,
B. Financial literacy presentation,
C. Financial literacy test,
D.Turtle and the Hare fable (I love this),
E. Personal finance economics situations
F. The Turtle and the Hare parable
G. Personal Finance Dave Ramsey Every Dollar
H. H&R Block Resources
I. Links to helpful Personal Finance Resources.

– 3. Common Core Economics- 25 Common Core Economics lessons with PPT/Keynotes with quizzes and final and review sheet

– 4. A-Z Economics- BONUS- 208 PAGES!

– 5. Econ Direct Teaching – chapters broken up into Micro and Maco with tests and videos included plus semester final.

– 6. Econ projects- blog, board game project, economics book project, entrepreneur project, Gift Assignment, Khan Academy Assignment, Portfolio, Stock Project, Theme Park Park project and Performance Task.

– 7. Feedback – and final write up on the semester.

– 8. Resume and Cover letter- – a how to guide to writing a resume and a cover letter.


– 9. Economics Brain Teasers – Just fun things for students to think about

– 10. Quotes and advice – Les Brown quotes and other useful info for seniors

– 11. Videos for Econ- ACD Leadership / Banks of US / Banking videos / Crash Course W/ GUIDES! / Federal Reserve / Gold Standard / Great Depression / How the Economy works / Scarcity / School House Rock / Taxes / Trading and Bartering / unemployment /

-12. Books Guides – Here are the books I have guides for: 4 Hour Work Week, 5 Dysfunctions of Team, Entrepreneur Short Books, Naked Economics, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Think and Grow Rich, and Zappos.

13. Performance Task: I have included an economics performance task to be done in the Economics class. There are 2 different ones included in this bundle.

14. Crash Course Videos and Guide: These are a fantastic way to supplement the economics curriculum. I have downloaded all 35 videos so that you can post them to a website in case youtube is blocked at the school.


15. Entrepreneurship Curriculum: This is another great addition to an already huge bundle. If the teacher is interested in teaching Entrepreneurship then this will be the guide to doing that. This will include 6 separate units and 2-7 lessons per unit.


For most chapters I have the work for each unit that needs to be done. I also have tests and quizzes, lessons that I think are important and any videos that I may have used in the PPT that is included.

– What is Economics?
– Economic Systems and Decision making
– What is Demand
– What is Supply
– Prices as signals
– Market Structures
– Employment, Labor and Wages
– Sources of Government Revenue
– Sources of Government Revenue
– Money and Banking
– Financial Markets
– Economic Performance
– Economic Stability
– Federal Reserve
– Achieving Economic Stability
– International Trade
– Comparative Economic Systems
– Government Spending

7 Book Projects with Questions

– 4 Hour Work Week
– 5 Dysfunctions of a Team
-Entrepreneurship book Summaries
-Naked Economics guide with quizzes ***
– Rich Dad Poor Dad
-Think and Grow Rich
– Zappos: Delivering Happiness

RETURNS: I will not be doing any returns with this item for obvious reasons. Once I have shipped the thumb drive and given the link for download it is yours to use in your classroom only.



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