Crash Course World History 1-42

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Here is what is included in this 168 page download:

1. Note Taking Guide for Students: This is essentially a blank section to take notes in.

2. Summary of the Video: A place for the students to write a short summary of what they have watched.

3. Teacher Notes from the: My 1 page of notes.

4. Vocabulary Section: I have chosen 3 words that would be good to have the students look up. I also have them write each of the words in a sentence.

5. Quiz for students / with answers: There is a 10 question quiz with answers from the episode. It can be taken in class or taken home. I think in class would be better.



Crash Course World History Ep. 1-42 Bundle

“Top notch work! I use Crash Course all the time in my AP and CP World History classes and his work on this is right on point! Well worth the purchase!”

Each person who purchases this bundle will receive a free google drive link to all the videos already downloaded and ready to go.


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