Ancient Greece Bundle

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“Great resource for my classroom.”

– 2 different versions of PPT/Keynotes
– Google Drive lifetime FREE updates and any new products
– Thumb drive mailed
– All the videos will be included for PPT’s/ Keynotes
– Email support for any questions you may have
– 22 years of experience in the classroom and I still teach currently



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Here is what I am including in this bundle:

– Chapter Preview
– Map of Greece
– Dark, and Golden Ages of Greece ( 19 slides) ( 2 different versions)
– Pictures of Greece
– Concept attainment of Direct and In-Direct democracy (14 slides)
– Quiz for the first week
– Discussion quotes from Socrates, Plato and Aristotle
– Short film One Out of Many (goes in the Bronze Age, Dark Age, and Golden Age PPT
– Greek Values chart with Key
– Plato and Aristotle reading with questions
– Plato assignment with 4 questions and excerpts from Plato’s Republic
– Paragraph writing assignment comparing and contrasting 2 cities of Ancient Greece
– Fall of Greece reading
– Crash Course
– Tests and quizzes from Ancient Greece Unit
– Paragraph prompts for World History
– Flipped classroom guide ( 2 pages )
– Famous Figure Evaluation
– Presidential Leadership lesson
– Additional Greece notes


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