US History Second Semester

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“The content of this unit, and the second semester unit, is incredible. It is very detailed with PowerPoints, graphic organizers, DBQs, and a lot of other awesome lessons. If you are looking for a US History unit to be either a backbone for your own, or to supplement your own, this is the one for you. It is simply amazing. I would definitely recommend anything from this sellers store.”

– 2 different versions of second semester notes
– Google Drive lifetime FREE updates and any new products
– Thumb drive mailed
– Bonus Student workbooks for both Grade 8 and Grade 11
– All the videos will be included for PPT’s/ Keynotes
– Email support for any questions you may have
– 22 years of experience in the classroom and I still teach currently
– New lessons are added all the time, to give you even more options (**Music lesson was just added)



Complete US History Curriculum

For a more visual version CLICK HERE!

**PLEASE READ**: You will get BOTH a thumb drive and a GOOGLE DRIVE link to download immediately through google drive.

Here are the units covered:

– 1920’s
– 1930’s
– 1940’s
– 1950’s
– 1960’s
– 1970’s

RETURNS: I will not be doing any returns with this item for obvious reasons. Once I have shipped the thumb drive and given the link for download it is yours to use in your classroom only.


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