MEMO / MLA Formats

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original-79965-1Even though it is the end of the year, I am still looking for great ways to have my students learn and do exactly what I want. Two things that I have students learn in the beginning of the year is MEMO format and MLA format. We take care of these formats in the beginning of the year to start the year off right, and to get the students in the right mindset so that they know that they can make sure to ask the question,” What format would you like this in Mr. P?” I love that!  I like that they want to make me happy as they work towards the goal of completing each assignment.

Memo format is important as some day the students will more than likely work for a boss and it is the easiest way to communicate the written word, outside of email. MLA formatting is important as it is the most common format the high schools use for turning in papers and writing paragraphs. I am going to give away my FORMAT sheets as it is a useful tool to anyone wanting to teach MEMO and MLA formatting to their students. Here is the link for the download.


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