Letter from Birmingham Jail Assignment:

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Had so much fun teaching about the famous Letter from Birmingham Jail. I have been teaching about the Civil Rights movement for a couple days using Selma and Civil Rights Bundle.   After walking the students through the key events of the Civil Rights movement, starting with the Emmit Till death and finishing with the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Following my 2 days of direct teaching I finished up with an investigation into what Dr. King was saying in his letter from the Birmingham jail0. Letter from Birmingham Jail Assignment

We started off by reading about the 8 pastors who wrote Dr. King in Jail to let them know what they wanted him to do. His response to this letter was perfectly said as I condensed this 6 page reading into a 1 page summary. After reading the first letter together I had the students read and answer some questions by themselves using some close reading strategies After reading the short reading and answering the questions I had the students get together in groups of 2-3 to discuss among themselves before we discuss it together as a class. I think the best part about this assignment is the discussion that followed the student work and the group work. Once we finished going through the 2 letters I feel like I have sufficiently set up the showing of the movie Selma. It is also included in the Selma and Civil Rights Bundle.

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