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How To Write a Paragraph

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This week I wanted to cover something extremely helpful to any and all students in any grade and subject. All students need to know how to write a paragraph before going to college and having to write essays like never before. How long should a paragraph be? In my classes, most students say they have been taught by other teachers that a paragraph is 5-7 sentences. I like to implement that a full paragraph should be at least 11 sentences. This length allows students to supply the information needed and also helps with writing long essays like the ones they will see in college. Also, if essays are not long enough in college, you will get into lower classes and have to pay more to take multiple lower level classes to get to the level you should be at. Knowing how to compare and contrast is also very important. Here is a compare/contrast paragraph from my store that focuses on comparing totalitarian leaders, which is also included in my totalitarian bundle, which I promoted last week. My students relate to a comparison of Taco Bell and Del Taco, so I usually use that to teach about how to compare. For contrasting, I contrast myself and Britney Spears and that is usually entertaining and educational for them. Then, they take what they’ve learned and put it into a multiple paragraph essay while doing the Cinderella Man writing assignment. I like to have my students write as much as possible so they get the experience they need before college. Again, here is my paragraph sheet, which is a helpful guide to writing a great paragraph. Thanks for reading!

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