How to help your students be happy and successful

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This last week I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts, I Love Marketing with Joe Polish and Dan Sullivan. They were discussing what makes students successful and happy. Isn’t that what we want for our students? For them to be successful and happy with their lives?

In the podcast the interview discussed 8 things students need to be both happy and successful. If these 8 attributes are present then students will have the opportunity to go to college as well as land a great job. Here are the 8 attributes:

  1. Courage to act in the face of discomfort – if something is not going well then these students will be able to respond with courage and decisiveness.
  2. Self directed and self motivated– this means they are self starters and willing to make decisions for themselves. They are willing to start and finish projects for themselves.
  3. Little big and medium sized goals – goals are such an important part of pushing things forward. After Christmas break I always do a goals lesson to welcome students back and to transition back to school. 
  4. Good at managing their time – these students are strategic and manage their lives and time well. They make good decisions and do not waster their time.
  5. Great speaking and listening skills – look you in the eye and talk to you like you are a human being. They manage their phone and their relationships well.
  6. Great negotiating skills – this can be a good thing or a bad thing in the home or classroom. Becoming a great negotiator is really important part of growing up and living a successful life. They are able to make good deals using effective communication.
  7. Very consistent in their action– they are consistent in their actions. They are disciplined and focused on moving their lives forward with little actions.
  8. Failure is not optional – failing does not make you a failure is what they know and live by.

If you have these skills your grades and test scores go up – and it makes you really happy and successful. And guess what? You will get hired.

Here is the link to my GOALS LESSON.

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