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End of the Year Tips to Set You Up for Next Year

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End of Year Tips to Set You Up for Next Year


We all know how stressful the beginning of a school year can be. There is never enough time to do everything you need to do, so it is wise to be thinking ahead to ensure beginning-of-the-year success. Here are a few simple things that you can do as you are moving into the summer break that you will thank yourself for when you head back to your classroom in the fall.


Purge. All teachers have the temptation to hold on to things. Low supply budgets and a fear of getting rid of work a student may come back for (which never happens after summer, by the way) are just a couple of the culprits that cause teachers to hoard. Do yourself a favor and get rid of all those random things that are taking up precious real estate in your classroom or storage space! Old lessons that didn’t seem to take off when you tried them? Toss it. Projects from last year’s student presentations? Gone. Broken pencils, dying pens, and 37 random stress balls? Get rid of all but one (maybe two if you teach middle school). You will thank yourself when you come back and need the space to begin the year.


Take Inventory. While you are purging, why not take inventory of the supplies you have and the supplies you have run out of? This way you can make sure to supplement what you are lacking during the summer and start the next year off fully prepped.


Make Copies. Depending on the system at your school, you might need to wait to be given a copy code before you can make copies at the beginning of a school year. Even then, there is a mad rush at the copy machine as all teachers attempt to get ready for their students. Save yourself this trouble by making your beginning-of-the-year copies as your current year is winding down. Things like the class syllabus, book lists, and/or the beginning-of-the-year lessons you always teach can be printed alongside the final exams you are running off for your current students.


Organize. Walking into a well-organized classroom at the beginning of the year allows you to focus on lesson-planning. Taking the time to organize at the end of the previous year is priceless. You can even enlist the help of students to help organize your classroom library or file extra copies of assessments and assignments in an easy-to-access place. It is also best to do this while you are steeped in the flow of the school year as you will be more aware of what organizational systems have worked for you that you would like to continue into the next year.


These are simple things that you can do as you gear up for summer break to make your life easier in the Fall. Your future self will certainly thank you for doing them. For more teaching tips and tricks, be sure to check back regularly here at Social Studies MegaStore!







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