End of the Year Feedback

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original-1275720-1At the end of the year I am always interested in how the year or semester has gone from the students point of view. What did they like? What was not so good? and how can I do a better job as a teacher? I decided to take it upon myself to create a feedback form that I give the students every semester as I think remembering things from the beginning of the year is just to long ago.

It is a basic form that asks students to rank some of the things we did from things they liked the most to things they liked the least and give a short description as to why. I also add a few questions on the back of the feedback form that are dealing with the chapters that we have studied. After the students have finished their feedback forms I have a discussion about what went well for them and what did not go so well for them. It is an open and honest conversation as I am trying to do a better job as a teacher and provide the students with the best possible experience. I will give this away for free for a limited time so enjoy it and take it and use it however you would like.

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