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Chapter Feedback or Semester Feedback

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Feedback is really ichapter-feedbackmportant to teachers and students. In my World History class we just got done studying the French Revolution. After 4 weeks of working through PPT’s and readings and videos and writing tasks,
I really felt like I needed to hear how the students felt about what was being taught and how it was being taught. I reached over and grabbed some paper and handed it out to the students. I asked them to write down 2-3 things that went well
and 2-3 things that went poorly. I decided to call it rose and thorn after an activity I had done with my son’s boy scout troop. This resource is really great and is completely free and can be downloaded here for free. This is but one of the free resources you can purchase in my store.


I have included the long version as I made this for each chapter so that it can be used during the course of the semester. Enjoy and please make sure to subscribe to my email for updates on my blog and in my store.


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