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7 Assignments to Teach Through World War I

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During the past few weeks, I have been teaching my World History students about World War I. I personally love teaching WWI, because there is so much good content about it, and it is fun to see the kids reactions to learning about the first World War. It isn’t hard to keep them interested during these lessons because each has its own unique way of teaching and different information to present. Here is my list of 7 assignments to teach through WWI.

1.  WWI T-Notes – This assignment starts off the unit by giving the kids important information by having them search the book and fill in the blanks. It requires them to actually read with a purpose rather than skim and not do anything with the information. I usually give them 2 days to do this as homework.

2. WWI Crash Course – They are given a detailed notes sheet that is easily understood and follows the video. This video series is incredibly interesting to the students. John Green puts necessary information into a quick, dynamic format that the kids really relate to and understand.

3. War Horse Movie Guide – We watch the movie War Horse throughout the course of a few days, and they are required to take notes on a provided movie guide. This movie really helps the students see the effects of the war on families, and teaches about the usage of different weapons during the war.

4. WWI Map Before & After – This map helps the students visualize where the war took place and between which countries.  The questions bring attention to the change in landscape and who the land belonged to before and after the war.Untitled design (2)

5. WWI Gift Assignment – This lesson requires the students to go through the chapter and visually represent the keywords and ideas through drawing pictures that help them remember the things they read.

6. WWI PowerPoint – I teach this PowerPoint in a flipped classroom style. The students go through it on their own and take notes, then  we come back and discuss.

7. WWI DBQ – This assignment usually ends our WWI unit, because it closes it out with a bang by giving the kids a chance to show what they learned.  This link does not include the documents but gives you a template for writing a DBQ and other helpful resources for your students.

I hope this post was extremely helpful to those of you teaching WWI.

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