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5 Assignments to Engage Students While Learning the 1930’s

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This week in my US History classroom, I am teaching the students about the 1930’s. Throughout my years of teaching, I have realized that there has to be a way to engage them in the lesson and get them interested. First. we will watch a 10-15 minute video overview about the 1930’s, which is a part of the Crash Course series. In the past, they have loved going through the John Green Crash Course series with my detailed video guide. These videos are energetic, quick, and relatable to the students.


Up next is my 1930’s PowerPoint which I teach in class while they take notes on a supplied notes sheet (included in my 1930’s bundle). Another thing we will be covering this week is the Story of US series, Episode 9; Bust. This video series on The History Channel is particularly great because it takes on the quality of a cool new movie while giving the students viable information to use in class. They will take video notes during this video, with an easily followed outline sheet that I will provide.

Next, I will be assigning a writing assignment to my students about the movie, Cinderella Man, which we will be watching in class in the upcoming weeks. Last but not least, the students will be learning about the stock market crash through a power point, and will be learning practical lessons on how to deal with stocks. I have found that students enjoy and actually learn from these assignments, and these video series have proven themselves to be amazing. All of the mentioned assignments will be linked below for you to check out! I really hope this post is helpful to you!

Crash Course

1930’s Power point

Story of US

Cinderella Man

Stock Market Powerpoint

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