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4 Unit Bundles for US History

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US History is all about the history and formation of today’s modern America. I have created bundles of my products that I use in my classroom to teach your students about our great nation through the years.

  1. 1920’s Bundle – This bundle includes all of the items mentioned in my 1920’s post, and more. I have added more crash course episodes, an icebreaker activity, and more Harlem Renaissance items.
  2. 1930’s Bundle – Includes Cinderella Man materials, a unit test, and powerpoint presentations to support the information the kids learn through the movie.
  3. 1950’s Bundle – Includes the 42 Movie guide, as well as power-points, Crash Course guides, and tests and quizzes for the unit.
  4. 1960’s Bundle – Includes Crash Course guides, Civil Rights assignments, Tests and quizzes, and a Flipped classroom guide.

There are more descriptive examples of what is inside these bundles on my store. You can also buy all of these bundles and more here, in my store!

These unit bundles are extremely popular among teachers because they are all accessible in one place rather than finding individual lessons and piecing them together. Thank you so much for reading this weeks post!

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